The reasons to choose our system
Extra Filterpress
Smart Storage
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The reasons to choose our system EXOOS.

Extra Filterpress
The filtration plant for oil which:

- allows to filter at very high
working pressures
- allows to filter big quantities of oil
in every cycle
- reduces oil wastes in the exhausted
coadjuvant cakes at the minimum
- allows to interrupt the filtration
cycle in the evening and restart it
the day after, and do the same for
several days
- executes automatically all the steps
composing a complete filtration
- is extremely easy to use
- discharges automatically the
exhausted coadjuvant cakes and
conveys them in a side container
- prevents the oil leaking between
the filtering plates
- allows to filter whatever kind of
raw oil at low temperature

the software for automatic control
and management of our filtration
plant, which:
- checks and manages in automatic,
and in real time, the filtration cycle
- allows to get the maximum output
even for oils which are very difficult
to filter
- adjusts automatically the oil flow
capacity in the cycle
- adjusts automatically the
quantities of coadjuvants to be
- maximizes the quantities of filtered
- minimizes the consumption of
- guarantees the desired quality of
filtered oil
- allows to get the best quality of oil,
ready for bottling

Smart Storage
the oil storage system which:
- allows to improve the oil quality
- allows to store oil in the tanks at
the desired temperature
- allows to survey and maintain the
temperature of oil stored into the
- allows to survey the quantities of
oil at disposal in the tanks
- records continuously the values of
temperature and the quantities of
oil in the tanks
- minimizes the consumption
of energy to maintain the oil
temperature at the desired level

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