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  Extra Filterpress

It is the first filtration plant for extravirgin olive oil working at very high pressure.

This plant is able to filter big quantities of oil in every cycle and guarantee the best quality.

The various steps are managed completely in automatic by the PLC fitted in the command panel.

The working principle is designed to operate in automatic and in sequential way the pumps, valves and stirrers, so to get the best synchrony between the various phases composing a filtration cycle: formation of precoat layer on the membranes, filtration of
raw oil, dosage of coadjuvants, etc.


The command panel Touch screen is very simple and easy to use. To start an automatic filtration cycle You have to push only one button. The rest of cycle is managed automatically by the system.

It is possible to interrupt the filtration cycle and restart it in every moment, without experiencing any particular problems in the final quality of filtered oil.

The end of filtration cycle is achieved
automatically once reached the parameters set by the operator.

Thanks to the membranes technology, at the end of every cycle the plant squeezes the exhausted coadjuvant cakes with very high pressure, so to minimizes the quantities of oil

Exhausted filtration
cake discharged after
the end of cycle.
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